Výsledky vyhledávání | Místní knihovna Praha - Benice http://raks.mlp.cz/library/benice/search/rss?field=0&q=*&area=-1&src=-2 Výsledky vyhledávání Abkhazia from ancient times till the present days : assays from the history of Georgia Gamaḫaria, Ǧemal, 1949- Abchazija s drevnejšich vremen do našich dnej : očerki iz istorii Gruzii Gamaḫaria, Ǧemal, 1949- Song to kill a giant : [Latvian revolution and the Soviet empire's fall] Kalniete, Sandra, 1952- Aphhazebi da Aphhazethi = Abchazy i Abchazija = The Abkhazians and Abkhazia Lorthkiphanidze, Mariam, 1922- O sobě Čapek, Josef, 1887-1945 A foreign affair : Billy Wilder's American films Gemünden, Gerd, 1959- A history of anthropology Eriksen, Thomas Hylland, 1962- Black rage confronts the law : confronts the law Harris, Paul Australian politics in a digital age Chen, Peter John, 1972- Artifacts of thinking : reading Hannah Arendt's : Denktagebuch Disability studies and Spanish culture : films, Novels, the Comic and the Public Exhibition Fraser, Benjamin, 1976- Discord and consensus in the low countries, 1700-2000 Dictatorship, disorder and decline in Myanmar Dilemmas of China's growth in the twenty-first century Engaging the neighbours : Australia and ASEAN since 1974 Frost, Frank, 1947- Empire girls : the colonial heroine comes of age Treagus, Mandy The public value of anthropology : engaging critical social issues through ethnography Changing the Victorian subject